Tire Basics

Tire Basics - Gary Wood CDJ  

Tires are a crucial part of your car, but they're often overlooked when it comes to servicing your vehicle. Here's what you should know about your tires, courtesy of Gary Wood.

Tread Life

When you get new tires, you might be wondering how long they will last. A new set of tires can last anywhere from five to ten years depending on the terrain on which you drive them and your own driving habits. A good rule of thumb is to check the tread depth of your tires. Any tire with a tread below 2/32" is no longer safe or legal. Some newer tires will have tread bars that begin to show once you've worn the tread too low.

Tire Pressure and Type

What type of tire do you need, and what's the tire pressure recommended in order to keep your tire properly inflated? All of these specs should be listed in the owner's manual of your vehicle. Your vehicle should also have an OEM door sticker with the recommended tire type and PSI.

Changing a Tire

It happens to everyone - eventually you might be stuck somewhere on the side of the road with a popped tire. But changing a tire is easier than it seems. Most vehicles are already equipped with the basics needed to change the tire, such as a small spare, a wrench, and a jack.

     Use the jack to stabilize the car, loosening the lugnuts on your wheel, but not taking them off just yet.

     Take the lugnuts off after you have jacked the car up about six inches.

     Remove the tire and replace it with the spare.

     Replace the lug nuts, but don't tighten them all the way yet.

     Lower the tire to where it is just barely touching the ground, and tighten the lugnuts.

     Lower the vehicle and toss the old tire and all your tools back in the trunk!

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